Few venues still in operation today can match the storied history of 1ST SUMMIT ARENA @ Cambria County War Memorial.

1ST SUMMIT ARENA @ Cambria County War Memorial opened its doors in 1950, and has served as a living institution to honor America’s veterans ever since. The walls of the concourse around the arena are lined with military uniforms worn by members from all military branches. Accessible from the main lobby and concourse is the Veterans Museum, which showcases various uniforms, relics, and photographs for guests to browse.

The arena has served as a hub for sports and entertainment for over 65 years. Fans have been table to take in hockey games, get lost in the music of a concert, stare in amazement at ice shows, and enjoy numerous other events with their families.

Please take a few moments to browse our website and learn more about 1ST SUMMIT ARENA @ Cambria County War Memorial. We’d like to share our history with you, and hope that you’ll share your future with us. Together, we can add to the arena’s legacy.